We strive to provide the services of a merchant bank including extensive advisory and execution assistance. We are also very prepared to invest in our clients and their projects


Our founders and advisors have been integral to multiple businesses; creating, developing and fund-raising for them, launching, running, and sometimes even rescuing them before exit. We’ve done so in feast and famine and we know the steps, the sequence of events and success factors required to attract investment without losing control.


We choose to work only with Principals and can do so on a fees only or shared risk and reward basis. Specifically, we can provide:

• Mentoring and advice on strategy formulation and implementation
• Assistance with international business development
• Creation of joint ventures
• Mergers and acquisitions including the taking of minority stakes
• Personal introductions to highly qualified Executive and Non-Executive Board Directors


Our local market presence in Turkey and international experience and world view enable us to identify and shape investment opportunities which can travel.


Our lean, flat organisational structure makes sure that our Principals and yours are never more than a call away from each other, so we can move quickly and efficiently through any and all stages of the transaction lifecycle.


Beyond our own resources, we have strategic funding partnerships in Africa, UAE/GCC and China supported by specialist service providers in Europe for establishment and listing of funds, and their onward effective digital marketing and communication to the fund management community worldwide.


We typically focus on opportunities from $10m to $100m but will consider others outside that range. We prefer only to work Principal to Principal so opportunities can be shared and acted upon confidentially - and informed by our Agriculture, Automotive, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare and Media expertise - and our Real Estate knowledge where a local presence means we can source off market residential, retail and commercial opportunities.


Some of the services we can provide include:

Provision of debt, including project finance, and equity finance/funding
• Establishment of regulated funds
• Arrangement of bridge finance

Evrensel Capital Partners Limited. Email: Info@evrenselcapitalpartners.comPhone: 90 216 906 02 81