We are currently active across a broad range of geography, industry and type of service. Additional assignments will be taken on as we have resources available to execute excellently.


We have exposure to new means of ensuring security of food supply, new technologies to enhance food production - taking these into countries that can benefit from such innovation whilst achieving clients’ goals through joint ventures or Foreign Direct Investment programmes


• Examples:

o Working with a UAE based company engaged in hydroponic farming, raising $10 million from private investors, establishing a $50 million Cayman regulated mutual fund and arranging a joint venture in Turkey.
o Advising a company on funding and international joint ventures that’s creating fully integrated smart and sustainable agriculture and aquaculture systems using sea and brackish water.


We have experience building brands and distribution networks, launching products, building customer loyalty, developing personnel and providing technical and all other kinds of training, and created finance schemes to fund wholesale automotive stock and offer consumer credit terms for all kinds of purchase and rental offerings.


• Examples:
o Advising a Cayman Regulated Fund supporting a UK based automotive finance company.
o Advising a Singapore based company with a highly effective noxious emissions reduction technology on international business development and fund raising.

o Advising a Swiss based low cost automobile company on establishing a manufacturing sales presence in turkey.


Our founders and partners have three decades of experience in alternative, renewable and sustainable energy and expertise in waste to energy, geothermal, solar, hydro, wind and tidal technologies. Our connections, including at Government level, can assist clients in raising capital for specific projects and general investment in these sectors, for which we are in the process of establishing our own regulated fund. We are also particularly interested in consolidation plays in sustainable energy for which significant funding is available to us.


• Examples:
o Working with a partner to advise Chinese public entities on investment in and financing of infrastructure projects on a global basis.
o Establishing a Turkish Energy Fund with Middle Eastern partners to take advantage of attractive consolidation opportunities in the sustainable energy market, including geothermal and hydro, in Turkey.


We are forming strategic partnerships with major players in the blockchain, ICO and crypto markets and are deeply involved in fintech.


• Examples:
o Assisting a leading blockchain company, based in China, to gain access to senior Government officials in the UAE and GCC to propose their services to advise the Governments on blockchain strategy and implementation.
o Advising and raising $150 million funds for a US based hybrid equity fund specializing in providing debt and equity finance for fintech companies.


Our principals in the USA, Europe, UAE and Asia/Pacific have significant knowledge of the development of the healthcare market in general and medtech and pharma in particular. With our global senior executive level contacts we are able to assist clients with business development as well as fund raising.

• Examples
o Advising an Eastern European company specializing in nuclear medicine on their international expansion strategy and raising funds from strategic partner investors.
o Seeking private hospital acquisition opportunities for US and UK clients.


In response to the importance of tourism to the Turkish economy, we have combined our own experience and expertise with others to embrace hotels and other real estate, leisure, luxury alternative vacations, marinas, resort development and luxury services such as private jets and limousines. We are able to connect designers with constructors, developers with investors and purchasers, and advise on divestments. Our focus is on investment funds flow into these sectors within Turkey and throughout the region.


• Examples:
o Advising owned-superyacht fleet start-up, Ultras PTP Ltd, on the means of funding its fleet using entrepreneurial models involving Crypto and Fractional Ownership, and negotiating on behalf of the company with superyacht manufacturers.

o Regularly mandated to sell 4-5 hotels in Turkey.


We know how to plan, build and operate a TV or Radio station, develop and monetise Intellectual Property by turning it into TV and Movie content and license it to other territories, how to create live events and work with consumer brands to develop Film, TV and Music content which supports their commercial plans, and how to make social media de-risk investment in IP and drive audience engagement and brand loyalty


• Examples:
o Advising on the structuring of a $50m Cayman Regulated Media Fund to execute Film, TV, Music and Live Event content creation and exploitation - using marketing science and insight harvested from consumer data to maximise audience engagement, investor and brand returns.
o Advising on international market entry opportunities for a mobile high quality home cinema presentation unit.


Our activities are centred on markets where our local representation gives us an edge - Turkey, the UAE/GCC and the UK, with a focus on luxury residential and commercial. We continuously showcase attractive investment opportunities to our global network and are establishing a regulated fund for investment in the real estate sector to enable clients to have diversified exposure to what we consider a core holding for an investment portfolio.


• Examples
o Offering three luxury residential development investment opportunities in Istanbul all with returns in excess of 16% per annum.
o Seeking to partner with a US based company to deploy their creative and innovative online real estate trading platform in UAE.

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