Now people with diverse expertise and personal networks have joined Anthony to realise value in the Place he has made his home - Turkey - and beyond, focusing on selective profitable and advisory and investment opportunities where he and his co-founders can create real momentum and make a measurable difference.

We have sector expertise in Agriculture, Automotive, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Media, and Real Estate. And, with senior level access to Governments, Financial Institutions, Corporations, Trade Associations, Asset and Wealth Managers, Family Offices, and Offshore Pension Advisors, we’re able to execute the full spectrum of advisory and investment assignments in a frictionless way. Our footprint reaches beyond our Istanbul HQ to London, Lagos, Dubai, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Giving us the ability to bring those assignments to the world.


We intend to establish a Foundation which will be the vehicle for allocating each year up to 5% of ECP's gross revenues to supporting environmental and humanitarian causes. Saving our oceans and helping needy children in Africa will be on the list of beneficiaries. Decisions will be based on recommendations from our clients, partners and associates.


A lifetime of relationships and experience acquired at Bankers Trust, Barclays de Zoete Wedd, BNP Paribas, Goldman Sachs, and running his own Frankfurt listed merchant bank, have equipped our founder Anthony Moore with the insight and instinct to pick winners time and again - People, Places and Profitable opportunities.



My near 50 year career in corporate finance and banking - most of it at or near the top - has allowed me to travel widely and live where I choose. So now, when family and quality of life is more important to me than ever, why choose Turkey?


My wife is Turkish and our children should know her heritage so a home base of some kind here was always on the cards - but the search for ‘a’ home showed me that Turkey has everything I need to be ‘the’ home for my family. And more, I saw that it could also be home to my business too - for I believe Turkey has more opportunity than many other ‘developed’ markets - and more passion to succeed than any other place I’ve seen, East or West of it, worldwide.


First of all it has the fundamentals - a unique and increasingly powerful geographic location, a successful economy, large domestic market, a qualified and competitive labour market, low taxes and high incentives to invest, and an independence the envy of many European states but with a customs union with the EU for frictionless trade. But more than that, it has a strong desire and commitment to be a real player on the geopolitical stage. No one pushes Turkey around and no one can say it’s not playing its part in the fight against terrorism nor taking care of those who suffer from it. Despite bluster and nay saying from lesser achievers, Turkey gets on with it, pushing for even greater positive influence and practical solutions to the challenges everyone faces in these turbulent times.


But Turkey, and the smart, energetic and committed people who drive its businesses, deserve to be heard above the politics and noise, and advocated for not just locally but universally amongst those from my world who know how to value enterprise and have the means and motivation to act upon it when they see it. That was something I knew I could do - and was the catalyst for establishing Evrensel Capital Partners Ltd. - ‘evrensel’ being Turkish for ‘universal’.


Encouraged and enthused by friends and former colleagues, most notably at Goldman Sachs, for the past several months I have been gathering trusted and respected partners around me to bring global experience to focus on the specific local opportunities I could readily see. I searched for and found a trusted local partner in Hasan Bozkurt to head up the firm. He is the strong and stable bridge over which any Turkish business can have the confidence to cross and access the financial energy needed to realise its potential. And he will be the source of the same confidence in reverse for international businesses looking for the very best Turkish partners.


We are only at the beginning of our journey but already we have opportunities and financial interest in all the areas where we can bring real strength and staying power. From these early signs I am convinced that we can deliver clients and investors exceptional wealth creation opportunities.


I have lived my life based on two maxims very dear to my late Father; 'only work with people you like, trust and respect, who have an offering that you can believe in', and 'only get involved where you can make a real difference, whilst having fun, looking to do some good and making some money'.


I believe that today, in Turkey, the stars are so aligned, and the watchwords are Onward and Upward - and that’s how ECP will be run, for the benefit of clients, partners, employees and shareholders alike. 

Whilst Istanbul is our home base and Turkey will be, and already is, an important focus of our advisory and investment activities, we intend ECP to be a truly global cross-border business with significant emphasis on providing our broad range of specialist services to clients in Africa, the UAE/GCC and China.

Anthony Moore
Founder and Executive Chairman,
Evrensel Capital Partners Ltd.
Istanbul, Turkey

Evrensel Capital Partners Limited. Email: Info@evrenselcapitalpartners.comPhone: 90 216 906 02 81